Press Releases Tue, 16 Jul 2013

Ban on sub-standard tyres and not used tyres

The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) will wish to clarify some publication regarding the ban of used tyres in the media attributed to the Commission.

We wish to confirm that same comments were made regarding the planned ban on the importation of some tyres except to clarify that the communication was directed at Sub-standards tyres and not used tyres.

Regulation 62 of the New Road Traffic Regulation, 2012 L.I. 2180 provides among that;

1. Vehicles should be fitted with pneumatic tyres manufactured for use in hot and normal weather conditions labeled A or B and NOT that labeled ā€œCā€ meant for cold areas.

2. Vehicles tyres should have a minimum thread depth of not less than 1.6 millimeters for all categories of road users.


3. Vehicle tyres of more than four years old counting from the date of manufacture should not be fitted on vehicles

The Commission, consistent with its coordinating mandate is working with the Ghana Standards Authority(GSA), Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Driver and vehicle Licensing Authority(DVLA) to ensure compliance with these standards by banning the importation of substandard tyres of whatever description new or used.

For the avoidance of doubt a substandard tyre is not a question of their description as new or used but rather their compliance with the specific requirements provided by Regulation 62 of the Road Traffic Regulation, 2012 L.I. 2180.

Research conducted by the Commission show that, In Ghana, 15.2% of vehicles involved in fatal crashes had some form of defect prior to the crash while about 4.4 % of crashes are caused by Tyre burst/blow.

The Commission will step up a series of engagement actions with all the relevant stakeholders including the importers of tyres over the new standards ahead of the September 2013 deadline for the ban of the importation of the substandard tyres as a measure to improve and protect public safety.



Kwame Koduah Atuahene Esq.

Head, Communications

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