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Bawumia Reacts To Claims Of Playing The Religious Card

The attention of the office of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice-Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party, has been drawn to some media reports and statements from "rented" agents of the ruling National Democratic Congress and their officials which seek to portray Dr. Bawumia as playing the Religious card for political purposes.

We wish to state categorically that these reports are utter falsehoods and fabrications. Dr. Bawumia is not in any position to determine who is a northerner and who is not and has never attempted to do any such thing.

The statements being attributed to Dr. Bawumia are indeed ridiculous, judging from the fact that the Northern parts of this country just like other parts enjoy representation from all Religions – Christians, Muslims, Traditionalists etc. and it would be weird for anyone to use Religion as the basis for questioning someone’s lineage to the North.

Indeed, if anything, Dr. Bawumia has rather been the victim of the petty attempts by some to use the religious card as it would be recalled that various politicians and their agents have severally attempted to question the faith of Dr. Bawumia.

These attempts, media reports and statements are part of the grand scheme by some politicians who have failed to meet the expectations of the Ghanaian populace and intend to divert attention and discourse from the politics of issues and development to one of personalities, division and triviality.

Dr. Bawumia is not someone who would be diverted into the failed politics of dirt, propaganda and division.

Indeed, it would be observed that Dr. Bawumia has on all platforms he has appeared on called for a rethink in our politics to one which focuses on solving the basic and complex problems of the Ghanaian people and that is the kind of politics Dr. Bawumia is and would be committed to.

The New Patriotic Party is also a Party which truly believes in promoting National Unity and Cohesion and this is the reason why the Party always tries to present a balanced Presidential Ticket. Again, the focus of Dr. Bawumia’s message in the Zongo Communities has been about improving the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian with the various workable policies and programmes proposed like the Inner City Development Fund. Nowhere has Dr. Bawumia insulted or attempted to insult any political opponent and this is a matter of record.

We are however glad that the good people of Ghana have seen through the lies and fabrications in these reports and statements and have ignored them refusing to give any attention whatsoever to them. We do know that the Ghanaian people, sophisticated as they are, would continue to remain focused on the issues that would see an improvement in their lives and continue to ignore the politicians who have lost the battle of ideas, issues and policies and whatsoever desperate tactics they have decided to throw in.

This is for the Record.


Kwabena Boadu

Press Aide

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