Be ethical – JUSSAG members told

Alex Nartey456 President of JUSSAG, Alex Nartey

Tue, 4 May 2021 Source: 3 News

Members of the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana (JUSSAG) have been advised to allow the ethics and moral principles of the judiciary guide their operations to help enhance JUSSAG services to the general public.

They have also been asked to respect the procedure and timelines of the judicial service.

President of JUSSAG, Alex Nartey made the call when speaking to Kwame Tutu, host of the Yen Sempa morning show on Onua FM on Monday, May 3, and urged them to consider the work as the best opportunity and privilege to serve God and mankind.

He has admonished the court workers to be circumspect and desist from the practice of extorting money from individuals and groups before executing writs.

Mr. Nartey wants the judicial workers to let their work be devoid of hatred, insult, and tribalism and instead endeavour to be honest in serving the public that needs their service.

“The ethics of our work clearly spells out that if you work at the court you don’t have to be biased, practice tribalism but rather guide by the truth in respecting the procedure and timelines of the judiciary. If you are a bailiff sent to summon someone and you couldn’t meet the person, don’t come and lie that you met the person or whatsoever so that our work would be devoid of blemish,” he added.

Mr. Nartey also asked the public not to characterised the entire judiciary as corrupt despite the few bad nuts within the service.

He asserted that the judicial service workers are men and women of integrity who are giving off their best to build up the judicial system.

Source: 3 News