General News Tue, 30 Sep 1997

Bees Chase Out Second Lady?

Dodowa (Greater Accra Region), 28, Sept. A reception organised for special guests, including Mrs Naadu Mills, to round off the Ngmayem festival of the Shai traditional area at Dodowa on Saturday was disrupted when a swarm of bees attacked them at the residency of the district chief executive. It all started when a member of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), Mr Kofi Afari, opened one of the bee hives belonging to the district branch of the 31st December Women's Movement and poured some drink on them. The fireman was attacked instantly and had to be rushed to the local health centre for treatment. Mr. Seth Kpabitey, the DCE and some security personnel whisked Mrs Mills to safety when the bees besieged the residency. Mr I.T. Adjovu, District Co-ordinating Director for the Dangme West in an interview with the GNA described the incident as unfortunate and blamed the fire service man whom he described as undisciplined. He said the bee-hives belong to the 31st December Women's Movement as an experimental project and they have been at the residency for over a year now. Mr Adjovu said receptions have been held time and again at the same place but nothing of this sort has ever happened.


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