Billboard falls over ECG power lines at Boundary Road

Billboard Boundary Road ECG Billboard hanging over ECG cables

Sun, 9 Oct 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

An advertising billboard has reported fallen over power lines of the Electricity Company of Ghana in Accra at the roundabout on the Boundary Road heading towards the American House.

Pictures and videos shared on social media show the billboard hanging over the ECG cables, which has led to the power cables being stretched.

Vehicles and passers-by had no choice but to squeeze their way past the trap that have been set with the possibility of either the power lines or heavy billboard falling on them.

A social media user, who shared pictures and a video of the incident, Eliza Olympio on her Facebook page, urged roader users not to use the route of the accident.

“Avoid #BoundaryRoad to #AmericanHouse route. Billboard falling over and hanging on ECG cables at the roundabout!

“It’s the ECG cables holding up the billboard and when it snaps the entire community will be cut off power.

“Not forgetting the unfortunate vehicle passing underneath can be flattened and electrocuted in this rain,” she posted.

Some social media users questioned why the vehicles were still passing under the trap since either the billboard or cable could fall off at any time.

Another social media user who had indicated that she used the road narrated that it was very scary since the billboard was tilting and she had to speed.

Some also question whether the police have been the place to stop people from passing under the trap to prevent any fatality.

View pics and videos of the incident below:


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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