General News Sat, 31 Jan 2015

Births & Deaths registry hit by print extract shortage

The Birth and Deaths registry has received supply of extracts for printing certificates after suffering a shortage for several months.

The Registry has a backlog of certificates to print to print for applicants whose cards have been pending for months during the period of the shortage.

Starr News sources at the BDR head Office say the centre has been without the extracts since early December last year.

The situation forced officers to put more than a thousand applicants on a pending list until they took stock of new printing extracts Thursday.


The current stock that was delivered, according to some officials who spoke to Starr News, cannot satisfy the number of persons on the waiting list.

Checks by Starr News revealed that the delivered stock can serve only a few hundreds within two weeks.

When Starr News visited the registry’s headquarters, Staff were seen busily entering details of applicants into the system for processing, while others were scanning through piles of folders in the technical department.

Their task was to retrieve files of applicants who provided their details, but could not continue the registration process due to the absence of printing extracts months ago.

Source: Starrfmonline.com