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Bishops laud Akufo-Addo over corruption fight

The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference (GCBC) and the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) have jointly expressed deep appreciation to President Akufo-Addo for his bold approach towards the fight against corruption and bribery in the Ghanaian society.

In a joint communiqué issued by the CCG and the GCBC on Wednesday and signed by Rev Philip Naameh, President, Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference and Rev. Seth S. Agidi, Chairman, Christian Council of Ghana, the two bodies welcomed the setting up of the Office of Special Prosecutor, congratulating those appointed so far to run the Office.

“We, however, urge strongly that this campaign cannot be another lip service. We call for transparency and integrity in investigations to ascertain corrupt practices and demand that culprits be duly prosecuted in accordance with the laws of our country.,” according to the communiqué.

President Akufo-Addo has since assuming office on January 7, 2017, made bold moves to tackle corruption and bribery head-on.

He recently ordered the arrest of Ghana Football Association (GFA) president, Kwasi Nyantakyi, for allegedly using his (president’s) name in a supposed case of bribery.

Both the GCBC and the CCG have urged that rather than sitting on the fence and criticizing, Ghanaians must assist the president in the fight against corruption.


In the Communiqué the two bodies charged, “All Ghanaians, especially Christians, are called upon to work harder to eliminate the evil of bribery and corruption, to cherish fearless honesty, probity and accountability.”


The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the Christian Council of Ghana held their annual joint meeting at the Mary Mother of God Counsel Catholic Church, Airport West, Accra, on Wednesday, May 16, 2018.

They held an Ecumenical Service to pray for Christian unity, the wellbeing of the government and Ghanaians as a whole under the theme, “Unity with Christ and with each other for peace and mutual up-building.”

Christianity Losing Impact

The religious bodies noted “with very grave concern various abuses in some worshipping centres in Ghana in the name of spirituality, prophetic revelations and divine intervention.”


According to the communiqué, “These happenings in the Christian fraternity discredit the Gospel and cause people to despise the positive influence of the Word of God.”

It further underscored, “We are concerned that the role of Christianity ‘as the salt of the earth and light of the world’ (cf. Matt 5:13-14) is losing impact as a result of the self-serving practices of some Christian leaders. We abhor such practices and call upon such leaders to tend the flock of the Lord faithfully.

“We therefore, wish to draw the attention of Christians and the nation to the following: No human person or object should take the place of Christ as object of worship. Christians should put their faith in Jesus Christ alone to meet all their needs, even in times of difficulties. Christians and all citizens should cherish the values of hard work, patient endurance, moderation and contentment.”

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