Boabeng-Fiema monkeys are not humans - Chief clears misconception

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Mon, 22 Mar 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Correspondence from Bono East:

The Chief of Boabeng one of the twin communities in the Nkoranza North District serving as an abode for several sacred monkeys, Nana Owusu Damoa Ameyaw III has clarified that the monkeys in the area are not human beings.

According to Nana Damoa Ameyaw III, although several misconceptions have been bundled around concerning the monkeys, they are all not true.

In an exclusive interview with Ghanaweb's Bono East Correspondent, Frank Aboagye Hartman, the chief bemoaned that the true story about the monkeys has been distorted contrary to the actual history of the people.

“There have been a lot of misconceptions about these monkeys but I will like to place on record that all those stories are not true. Let me put on record that the monkeys are not human beings as have been erroneously depicted. They are monkeys, just that there is a unique history about them”.

Giving a historical background, he disclosed that the monkeys were discovered together with the Daworo Fetish by a hunter by the name Nana Kwabena Amoah of Boabeng.

“A hunter by name Nana Kwabena Amoah of Boabeng found the Fetish Daworo, in a mysterious place surrounded by two Mona Monkeys and Black and White Colobus monkeys. Nana Kwabena Amoah brought the Fetish Daworo to the village of Boabeng and the four Monkeys followed suit”.

Following the discovery, he disclosed that a decision was taken to consult an oracle and it came out that the monkeys were not ordinary monkeys but children of the Fetish Daworo.

“An oracle was consulted about the relationship between the fetish Daworo and the mysterious monkeys. The Oracle declared that the monkeys were the children of the fetish Daworo. The oracle also declared that the monkeys should not be killed or harmed because they were sacred”.

Nana Owusu Damoa Ameyaw described the Boabeng-Fiama Sanctuary as a nice place and urged people eager to learn about the monkeys to visit the place and know the true history of the place first hand.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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