Bole/Bamboi NPP denies defection claims of 'campaign coordinator'

Mon, 12 Sep 2016 Source: NPP Bole/Bamboi communication

Executives of the NPP Bole/Bamboi constituency have denied reports of defection by their campaign manager.

There were reports on Sunday of the defection of campaign coordinator, Yahaya Seidu, popularly known on social media platforms as Braa Prex-doe from the opposition NPP to the governing NDC.

Braa Prex-doe disclosed on a Bole-based radio that one of the reasons he left the NPP was because of Nana Akufo-Addo’s One Village One Dam policy; adding that it is the most ridiculous promise by a modern politician.

The NPP Bole/Bamboi executives have however refuted claims by Yahaya Seidu as being the campaign coordinator of the party.

According to the executives, they did not know Braa Prex-doe prior to their parliamentary primaries but only became acquainted with him afterwards.

They further revealed that he was only the cousin of the parliamentary candidate for Bole/Bamboi constituency, Madam Alele Veronica Heming.

Below is a statement from the NPP Bole/Bamboi communication team:

We in NPP Bole/Bamboi Constituency have read with the utmost disbelief the defection of Yahaya Seidu, known on Social Media as Braa Prex-doe.

In as much as elections it's about numbers, defections are equally not new in today's politics and as such, his defection should never be a surprise to any serious politician. Prex-doe was a sympathiser of the New Patriotic Party and also, a cousin to our Parliamentary candidate Madam Alele Veronica Heming, that is, the son of her uncle.

Indeed, it is regrettable to lose a vote, however, the most unfortunate aspect of his defection saga that needs to be corrected is the impression being created out there that, He, Prex-doe (Yahaya Seidu) was the campaign manager of our candidate, in certain quarters, special assistant and the recent one been campaign coordinator.

Which one should people take?

Folks, we in NPP Bole/Bamboi Constituency have never known him beyond he being a party sympathiser until the day of our Parliamentary Primaries last year, when he Braa Prex-doe popped up at the Congress grounds with his NPP smock. In fact, it was through my intervention, that the police permitted him to enter the hall where the Congress was taking place because he had no accreditation.

It was at that venue that he took a picture with our candidate which he is using as his evidence of the above mentioned positions which he is claiming to hold.

In our bid to secure the Bole/Bamboi seat for the NPP and also to garner the maximum votes available for Nana Addo, we have never employed the services of a Campaign Manager, a Special Aid or Campaign Coordinator. The good people of Bole/Bamboi saw the competencies and the capabilities in our Parliamentary Candidate, hence the call by many for her to offer herself for this noble call, therefore, we don't need the services of a single individual to aid her to win.

Our elected party executives, together with many other party members and sympathisers are solidly and readily available for this task and not any single appointed person.

Politics reserve space for only relevant people and as such, the impression being created out there by Prex-doe that he is our campaign manager/special aid/campaign Coordinator to get the needed relevance from his new party and the benefits he anticipated should be treated with the contempt that it deserves.

Prex-doe has never held any leadership position be it elected or appointed.

It has always been our tradition in the New Patriotic Party to issue appointment letters to people we appoint to undertake any assignment on behalf of our party, even our agents at polling stations can attest to that.

We therefore urge all media houses and any avenues where Prex-doe goes about claiming to be campaign manager/special aid/campaign coordinator to ask him to provide documentary evidence to show that he was once appointed any of the aforementioned positions he alleges.

I want to state on record that, Yahaya Seidu popularly known as Braa Prex-doe has never been a campaign manager or special aide or campaign Coordinator hence such claims should be treated with the needed and necessary contempt it deserves.

Source: NPP Bole/Bamboi communication
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