Boliden to increase market share in Ghana

Boliden Boss Reward.jpeg Addissorn Rotrakam, Chairman of Siam Battery presenting an award to one of their distributors

Mon, 13 Aug 2018 Source: dailyguideafrica.com

One of the world’s most trusted batteries, Boliden has marked its 30th milestone with a dealer’s seminar in Accra after a successful spell.

Chairman of Samir Engineering and Trading Company, Nazem Karroum, the largest importers and distributors of automotive batteries, including Boliden, and tyres in Ghana with a network that spans the length and breadth of Ghana, noted the product’s longevity explains its success on the market.

“The Ghanaian public prefer to buy premium product but due to some economic reasons some people buy cheaper products,” he said.

He pointed out that even though Boliden holds the largest share of the car battery market in terms of volume of sales, currently at 25percent, Samir Engineering will be introducing some moves in the market to increase that market share.

He told the media “We are planning loyalty and warranty programmes to increase our market share. We hope to have full market share. We hope to starting from next year to implement the decision taken down from this meeting.”

The seminar also rewarded the best distributors and retailers of the Boliden products.

Later Mr. Addissorn Rotrakam, Chairman of Siam Battery Industry Company Limited to Ghana, visited dealers in Accra and Kumasi who have supported in the journey to make Boliden a household name in Ghana.

He said “One of the reasons why Boliden batteries are a little higher than others, in terms of pricing, is because we manufacture longer lasting batteries which last for a minimum of two to three years. With the infrequent replacement of the batteries, the use of the lead will be less than the short life batteries.

If you purchase a cheaper battery that lasts for six months or a year and you have to replace it two or three times before a Boliden battery, it will cost you more and the lead, the main component of battery, will cause environmental pollution. Therefore our batteries contribute to the protection of the environment.”

In more technical terms, Mr. Rotrakam explained that the batteries are driven by its superior technology and inputs like: Silver Calcium Technology using real Silver inside the battery, thicker wires and full frames for the Grids, highest purity soft lead inactive materials and specially designed to prevent acid spillage.

Founded in 1967, Boliden is one of the world’s most trusted names when it comes to premium car batteries, upholding the motto – “Powering Through Generations”. With operations spread across more than 20 countries, Boliden batteries are designed to overcome the challenges of diverse geographic weather conditions.

Whether it’s battling the sub-zero temperatures of the Swedish winter, the dry heat of an Indian summer, or the year-round tropical humidity of Africa, Boliden has you covered.

Boliden was introduced to Ghana by Samir Engineering and Trading Company Limited, the flagship company of Samir Group. Boliden is the number one brand of automotive batteries in Ghana, trusted by millions of customers. The customers associate Boliden to Quality, Durability and Reliability.

Source: dailyguideafrica.com