Boulders report on Capital, UT Banks idiotic, deserve dustbin – Isaac Adongo

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Wed, 29 Aug 2018 Source: radiogold905.com

Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central has rubbished the report of Boulders advisers on the collapse of UT and Capital Banks.

The leaked report of the group which assessed the assets and liabilities of the two defunct banks following their takeover by the GCB Bank has been widely discussed in the media.

However, speaking at a platform organised by Policy Analysis and Monitoring Center on the theme ‘The Banking Crisis; Role Played by Stakeholders and Directors’, Isaac Adongo was of the opinion that the report is only fit for the dust the dustbin.

“I want to advise anybody who is possession of that Boulders Advisors report to look for the nearest dustbin not just to put it inside but to supervise its evacuation to the nearest landfill site.

It is the most useless piece of work; it is the most useless share of national cake to friends,” he stated

According to him the man leading Boulders Advisors has not shown that he has the track record to undertake the work he did on the two defunct banks.

“Who is Reginald France? I read his profile; all he was saying is that I worked with a certain company and we engaged in acquisition and mergers to the tune of 2.3 billion. Which specific ones did you participate and what was your role? That is a fraudulent CV.

Tell us which pecifically which acquisitions and mergers you particpated in; tell us specifically how much was involved in each of them. Then you say that you were involved in acquisitions and mergers of several manufacturing companies; from which institutions and what period? What was the transactional value for each of them? What was your role?

Then we are certain that this man has just not been cooked a jobe by his friend Addisson who might have seen his classmate return from his sojourn abroad and has decided to offer him our tax payers money,” he stated.

Isaac Adongo is also worried about the role of the Governor of the Central bank Ernest Addisson in the recruitment of Boulders Advisors and is demanding some answers from him.

“Addison should be telling us how much he paid from our money for this idiotic job. He should be telling us how he arrived at recruiting such a person and should be telling us how much of our money has been dolled out to this Boulders Advisors.”

Unfortunately today that Boulders Advisors man, Reginald France sits on the board of Consolidated Bank; what is his experience in universal banking?” he querried.

Source: radiogold905.com
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