Boxing expert Amin Lamptey predicts victory for Dogboe as youngster faces Avalos

Dogboe22 Dogboe has been tipped to beat Avalos

Tue, 21 Jul 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Isaac Dogboe has received the backing of boxing expert Amin Lamptey to beat American boxer, Chris Avalos, tonight.

Dogboe’s return from back-to-back defeats to Emmanuel Navarette is an eight-round bout against the American at the MGM Grand Arena.

The 25-year-old is returning to the ring with the objective of reviving his career and a victory over the 30-year-old pugilist will be the perfect take-off package.

With Dogboe fighting in a new division, concerns have been raised about his chances but Lamptey believes Dogboe knows the division too well to start on a bad footing.

He details Dogboe early fight as featherweight boxers and expects a ‘massive comeback’ from him.

“Dogboe became a world champion through Super Bantamweight but his comeback fight is going to be a featherweight. Avalos is a credible opponent with an impressive record. It’s an eight-rounder and it’s a perfect warm-up fight. Isaac is going to win but it won’t be on a silver platter” “Dogboe is crossing over from bantamweight to featherweight so needs time to adjust and acclimatize to that division. He started in featherweight and fought some boxers in that weight class. So he knows what’s in that division. All that he needs to do is to sharpen his prowess and ensure his artistry is on. Dogboe is going to make a comeback and it's going to be massive”.

Pressure to deliver

After his two defeats against Navarette, Dogboe is under intense pressure to return to victory way. The pressure has also been compounded with assertions by some pundits that anything short of victory could spell an end to his world title hopes.

But Amin Lamptey trusts him to overcome the pressure and win tonight’s bout. Lamptey reckons the pressure must spur Dogboe on to victory.

“Boxing is a gamble or like a lottery, you either win, lose or draw and he is aware of it. His psychologist must have worked on him. He is making a comeback so he has overcome every single thing he encountered after the Naverette fight”.

“Coincidentally Navarette has also moved bantamweight, Magdelino has also moved so it is going to be exciting in that division and Dogboe is aware of this and that’s going to spur him on.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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