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Breaking addiction is a journey - Dr. Ernest Anim-Opare

Dr Opare 777 Specialist Family Physician, Dr. Ernest Anim-Opare

Mon, 26 Dec 2022 Source:

A Specialist Family Physician at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, Dr. Ernest Anim-Opare has described breaking away from addiction as a long journey and a cycle.

Speaking on the GTV Breakfast Show on how to do away with or manage one’s addiction to alcohol, especially during the festive season, Dr. Anim-Opare generalised addiction as one that “needs a very meticulous process to be broken”.

He explained that for one who is addicted to either alcohol, gambling and hard drugs to break away, required, “a behavioral transition”.

According to him, the behavioral transition or cycle begins with the “precontemplation stage”. Here, he described as the stage where the individual may be hooked on something but may not be able to identify what it is or the dangers therein.

The second stage of the cycle, he termed as the “contemplation stage”. Here, the individual begins to realize the danger their deeds may have or lead them into and begin to reason into it. The third stage of the cycle, which is the “planning stage”, is where the individual plans or decides on refraining from some engagements or friends that lure or push him or her into such addictive acts.

The fourth stage of the cycle is the “action stage”. Here, Dr. Anim-Opare described as the stage where the plan of refraining from addictive acts is implemented or put to effective work. The “maintenance stage”, follows after the plan has been put into action for at least six months or more to see progress.

The last and final stage of the cycle is the “relapse stage”. This stage is where the individual after going through all the five stages explained above will have to go through guidance and counselling.

Dr. Anim-Opare described the relapse stage as one that is very essential in the breakaway process.

“The fact is that all five stages are not a linear journey but indeed a tough one.

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