General News Sat, 17 Dec 2016

”Brogya and Yammin plotted evil against me” - Alhaji Sani

Former Ashanti Regional Vice Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Alhaji Mohammed Sani is accusing party stalwarts in the Ashanti Region, Joseph Yammin and Brogya Genfi of plotting to embarrass him by alleging that he took bribe from the New Patriotic Party to defect from the NDC.

Alhaji Sani explains, a big man in the party sponsored “an evil meeting” with the aim fabricating stories to make me look in the eyes of rank and file of the NDC.

Joseph Yammin served as Regional Secretary for the NDC while Brogya Genfi is currently the Regional Youth Organiser.

The former Regional Vice Chairman of the NDC was speaking to host of Abusua Nkomo, Kwame Adinkrah in confirmation to reports that some of the factors that largely contributed to the loss of the party in last week’s (December 7, 2016) election is internal wrangling and backbiting.

Alhaji Sani says, “yes Kwame it’s true people were treacherous to one another.”

“I remember Brogya and Yammin were lead to my house by our Deputy Organiser, Hisham to apologise to me for holding secret meetings against me.”

“You can call Yammin and Brogya and ask them, they will not deny this because what am telling you is the truth.”

“I am daring Yammin and Brogya to come and deny what I’m telling you and they can’t,” he added.

However, Joseph Yammin in an interview with abusuafmonline.com has denied the allegations describing them as “useless.”

Yammin is, therefore, warning Alhaji Sani to “shut up” before he (Yammin) opens a lot of secrets to the public that damage Alhaji Sani’s reputation.

Source: abusuafmonline.com