General News Sat, 26 Dec 1998

Bury differences - Ghanaians told

Takoradi, Dec. 25 The Reverend Daniel Nyarko of the Trinity Presbyterian Church, Takoradi, today called on Ghanaians to bury their differences and to join forces to promote the nation. Preaching at a Christmas service, he said the birth of Christ is a reminder to man that God is near and willing to help his people out of their


difficulties. Reverend Nyarko said Ghanaians should depend on God to make 1999 peaceful and a year for development. He said God created man perfectly but sin and human weaknesses has brought about disasters, sickness and other problems adding that God is willing and can bring us out of these problems. At Sekondi, Reverend Charles A. Ekuban, Superintendent Minister of the Wesley Methodist Church , called on Ghanaians to stop being insensitive to the needs of others. He said Christmas should unite the people to enable them to do away with tribalism and help them to find a solution to the problems of marital instability, street children , drug abuse and promiscuity. The world will know no peace unless God is made a point of reference in the daily lives of the people , he said. Reverend Ebenezer K. Dadson, Superintendent Minister of the Takoradi Bethel Methodist Church, called on Ghanaians to have brotherly feeling for each other . Preaching on "The Incarnate Deity as saviour of the World", he said inspite of "our sins", God sent his son to save mankind from the ''grips of the evil one''. He said Ghanaians should trust in the Lord as they enter 1999 to direct and guide the nation.

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