CJA not "cannon fodders" for dishonest politicians - Kwesi Pratt

Kwesi Pratt Jnr Masa

Sat, 28 Sep 2013 Source: joyonline

The Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper and a leading member of pressure group, Committee for Joint Action (CJA), Kwesi Pratt Jnr. says they would not be stampeded into organizing demonstrations against the government.

He stated that the CJA is "frustrated" by the actions of dishonest politicians whom he says after winning political power fail to honour their campaign promise to Ghanaians.

Kwesi Pratt was reacting to claims by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) that the CJA has lost it voice under the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) after the appointment into ministerial positions key members of the group like Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa and Dr. Omani Boamah

According to the NPP, the CJA embarked on countless nationwide demonstrations against the erstwhile Kufuor administration over fuel price hikes and increase in utility tariffs, but has remained adamant under NDC.

The NPP believes the CJA must be consistent irrespective of which party is in power, if indeed it is still the voice of vulnerable in society.

But in a rebuttal, Kwesi Pratt on Radio Gold’s political discussion programme, Alhaji and Alhaji on Saturday, stated emphatically that: "CJA will not continue to be cannon fodders for politicians who fail to honour their promises to the electorates". Cannon fodder is a derogatory term for military personnel who are regarded or treated as expendable in the face of enemy fire.

He said after participating in numerous demonstrations by both the NDC and NPP while in opposition, it is still the same policy of shifting entire cost, inefficiency and mismanagement unto the consumers to pay.

"I am not going to sacrifice my limbs, time and everything to demonstrate in order to bring to power another set of politicians who will continue the same policy and waste our time. It is time to do things more constructive in the interest of our people".

Kwesi Pratt could not fathom why the CJA should be the only group to embark on demonstrations in the country when in fact the tariffs increment affects every Ghanaian.

"Why should the CJA be organizing demonstrations at this time? We were in the trenches with both the NDC and NPP while in opposition and yet when they came to power they did the same things. Are we not human beings? Don’t we feel frustrated by these politicians who cannot keep their word?" he quizzed.

He maintained that for Ghana’s democracy to thrive, the situation in which everybody sits back and urge a few people to get onto the street to demonstrate must change.

"To sit back in cowardice and think that anytime there is a problem a few people either the CJA or any other group will demonstrate for us is not the way to promote democracy in our country".

Source: joyonline