General News Fri, 6 May 2005

CONFIRMED: "Aviation ministry" moved to castle

The press secretary of President Kufuor, Mr. Kwabena Agyepong has confirmed that the aviation portfolio is no more under the supervision of the Ministry of Roads and Transport, but the Ministry of Presidential Affairs.

In other words, Dr. Richard Anane is no longer responsible for Ghana (International) Airways negotiations.

GHP Report From March 15

Accra, March 15 - The Ministry of Roads, Highways and Transport has been renamed the Ministry of Road Transport, effectively making it responsible for only road transportation and leaving air transportation in limbo.

Was this inadvertent, thus creating a vacuum? Is this an attempt to strip Dr. Richard Anane off his ?aviation? portfolio? Who is currently responsible for air transportation?

?Aviation has been removed from Roads Transport ministry. It?s not clear who is currently responsible for the sector. However, according to one theory, it has been placed under the direct control of the President,? said an airline industry insider

?The fall of Ghana Airways and the false start of its successor GIA, is the reason for these shifts,? he continued.

If this is accurate, then the acknowledged brainchild of Ghana International Airline (GIA), Dr. Anane, should no longer be involved in aviation or in GIA.

This raises some very pertinent and interesting questions: Who does the GCAA (Ghana Civil Aviation Authority) currently deal with and report to or take instructions from.

The details of Anane?s current involvement ? with regard to the new ?Aviation Ministry? and GIA should be most interesting.

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