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CPP Should Desist From Attacking Rawlings -YFL

CPP Should Desist From Attacking Rawlings -YFL

Fri, 6 Aug 2010 Source: Ghana Celebrities

Accra, August 6 2010

The Youth for Leadership in Ghana (YFL) would want to register our indignation at a statement purportedly issued and signed by the General Secretary of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) IVOR KOBINA GREENSTREET in which the CPP under the cover of reacting to charges by the NDC propaganda secretary on the CPP youth organizer accusing him of being a mole for the NPP, scathingly attacked and denigrated the integrity of the NDC founder and former President Jerry John Rawlings.

We have carefully studied the content of the statement from the CPP and we are convinced that such a statement could only be part of that grand scheme orchestrated by certain defunct National Convention Party (NCP) elements within both the CPP and the NDC to divide the NDC with the hope of taking over the power base of the NDC. The statement from the CPP could not even hide the agenda of the schemers as it clearly deviated from a debate about the STX Korea housing deal between the Propaganda Secretary of the NDC on one hand, and the CPP youth organizer on the other hand into a deliberate attack on the NDC founder whiles at the same time, absolving President Mills of blame in the same statement thereby separating the President Mills from the NDC and its founder.

The YFL is wondering what the CPP means by ‘’NDC, please wake up and stop embarrassing the President by your endless gaffes and vile propaganda. Your Better Ghana is being endangered and your honeymoon period is most definitely over’’?

For the CPP to carefully craft a statement that attacks the personal integrity of the NDC founder whiles absolving the President and NDC leader Prof. Mills exposes an extreme form of treachery that cannot be hidden from good Ghanaians.

Our understanding of the CPP statement makes it clear to us that such NCP elements who formed the progressive alliance with Kow Nkensen Arkaah with President Rawlings for the 1992 general election are still embittered by the breakaway in 1996 that saw Prof. Mills running for Vice President with President Rawlings. The dissolved NCP integrated mainly into the CPP and NDC. Today, such people as the Ahwois, Totobi Kwakyes, etc. are collaborating with the likes of Kwesi Pratt and Ivor Greenstreet to tamper with the foundation of the NDC by scheming to denigrate and openly attack its founder.

The YFL is wondering if it is the case that President Mills is actually encouraging these ‘alien elements’ to try to divide the NDC that put him in power. We are also still trying to come to terms with the reasons for CPP’s worry over embarrassments to President Mills whiles having no qualms in openly calling the NDC founder ‘a loose cannon’?

For what is also worth it, Is it also the case that President Mills spending his first eighteen months in office engaging in various activities to honour the CPP founder Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is a part of such grand machinations to sell out the NDC to these scheming and disgruntled NCP elements who obviously have become his close confidants? Otherwise, why would the CPP be so mean as to dishonour the NDC founder Jerry Rawlings with such an open attack without direct provocation at a time when the NDC government under President Mills has committed so much national resources into the honour of the CPP founder?

We wish to denounce this carefully planned and projected agenda and to send a warning that such intrigue will not divide the NDC for their benefit today or ever. We also wish to caution President Mills to be wary of these intrigues and their dire consequences for his presidency. And we in the YFL are ready to defend the Jerry Rawlings legacy - the legacy they want to either usurp or destroy - even if it will cost us an arm and a leg.


SaCut Amenga-Etego

(YFL General Secretary)

Source: Ghana Celebrities