CSM: Residents of U/E cautioned to take precautionary measures

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Sun, 28 Mar 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Correspondence from Upper East:

Cerebrospinal Meningitis (CSM), now known as bacterial meningitis, is a health condition very prevalent in the Upper East Region in March and April due to the high temperatures.

Majority of people in the region mostly link CSM infections to dry, very hot, and dusty conditions experienced during the dry season.

Upper East Regional Director of Health, Dr. Emmanuel Dzotsi in an interview with GhanaWeb's Sarah Dubure confirmed that the disease is usually prevalent in February to March.

He explained the high temperatures lead to the dryness of the membrane covering the throat where some of the organisms exist.

This, he said enables the entry of germs into the bloodstream, that move into the membrane covering the brain, which eventually leads to the infection of meningitis, which also affects the functioning of the brain.

He added that it manifests in the form of the person running a high temperature.

Dr Dzotsi revealed that a total of 114 cases were recorded last year, out of which four lives were lost; adding that none of the districts crossed that epidemic threshold.

He further revealed that seven suspected cases had

been recorded early this year, from January to March, but none has been confirmed as bacterial meningitis.

The Regional Health Director explained measures his outfit has delegated some health personnel with the expertise to help detect and respond to any outbreak that may occur in the Region. combat cerebrospinal bacteria.

"We have the Public Health Emergency Management Committee, made up of technical and non technical officers. They are specialized on how to identify the case of meningitis, and once they identify a case of meningitis, they have trained health staff who take fluid. They send it to it the laboratory for them to confirm". He explained.

Dr. Dzotsi called on the people of the Region to be alert, as we have inched into the hot season, and not relent in reporting symptoms like fever, headache, and neck pains to the nearest health facilities.

"As we are in the season, we call on every person to be alert. When you have fever; that is, your body becoming hot, you have headache or neck pains, please report to the nearest health facility, so that we can perform the necessary tests. If you have the disease, we can treat it to avert any death," he cautioned.

He also advised residents of the Region to avoid overcrowding in their rooms, and always open their windows for proper ventilation.

The Regional Health Director further encouraged the people to drink a lot of water, since the season is characterized by the frequent dehydration of throats which consequently cracks them up.

Residents share views on CSM

Mr. Samuel Agongo said his family practice social distancing, relax under trees for shade, and also drink a lot of water.

Mr. Zeno Nebedon said he avoids overcrowded places and makes sure that wherever he is, the environment is always airy.

He also said that he avoids wearing tight-fitting clothes, to prevent heat generation.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com