Charlotte Osei is a threat to Ghana’s democracy – KNUST lecturer

Wed, 2 Aug 2017 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

A political science lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Mohammed Abass has asserted that Mrs. Charlotte Osei heading the Electoral Commission (EC), as Commissioner is a threat to Ghana’s democracy.

He was responding to the leaked memo addressed to Mrs. Osei by Amadu Sulley complaining of how the she has failed to make use of administrative structures.

According to him, the leakage of the letter should not be the subject for discussion rather, the content of the memo should be our concern.

He described the content as serious especially when Amadu Sulley accuses the EC chair of breaching administrative procedures.

The memo which leaked reads:

“I have observed with concern of your non-recognition of my presence in the office since you resumed from leave. This is because you have been dealing with the Director, Human Resource (Mr Samuel Boadu) in the absence of the Deputy Chairperson, Corporate Services.

“It will be recalled that on 5th July 2017, you wrote to the Deputy Chairperson, Corporate Services to proceed on leave following EOCO’s directive. I wrote to reschedule my leave on 15th June 2017. “On 20th June 2017, the first Deputy Chairperson, Corporate Services wrote to recall me from leave. I have been in the office since then.

“Per the organisational structure of the Commission, in the absence of any of the Deputies, the other Deputy acts on behalf of him/her. It is, therefore, unfortunate that you have resorted to use the Director of Human Resource (Mr Samuel Boadu) as your Deputy contrary to administrative procedure.

“I am per this memo craving your indulgence to this administrative lapse and call on you to act henceforth in accordance to the structures of the commission. “I hope this will be treated with the importance it deserves.

“Attached are two letters for the rescheduling of my leave and the recall from leave.''

Responding to the memo, Mohammed Abass said, ''For someone at his [Amadu Sulley’s] level to write such a memo, then it means there is something fundamentally wrong at the EC. He is well experienced and some even felt he should have been appointed as the EC chair. The memo is serious and will affect the operation at the EC and our democracy. We should look at the content and profess sanctions if possible.’’

He stressed, ‘’the real issue is about the content of the letter and they are serious to the extent that, it will affect the sensitive office of EC. It will further affect our democracy and the country Ghana. I will say frankly that, the way the institution is being managed by the EC boss is very threatening. The way I see her thinking and conduct; I will say there is more room for improvement. I thought we had gained much achievements and successes but from the way the EC chair is managing the place, I will say it is threatening to Ghana’s democracy.’’

The management of EC should be devoid of political interference or favouritism or bias. The operation of the EC should not be personalized and must be done with recourse to law and laid down procedures, he told Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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