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Chief Kufuors Hotel

Mon, 16 May 2005 Source: Democrat

?Kufuor?s son, Chief John Addo Kufuor, admits

On going investigations by NATIONAL DEMOCRAT has revealed that the hotel structure in front of President Kufuor?s house cost the President over $7 million and not $3million as originally discovered.

Investigations revealed that the structure itself cost $3million but the President went on further to buy all the gadgets imported by the original owner for the hotel. These gadgets cost over $4million and bring the total cost of the hotel to over $7million.

Last Friday, John Addo Kufuor(a.k.a Chief Kufuor), the 41 year old son of His Excellency John Agyekum Kufuor, President of the republic of Ghana(the former apostle of zero tolerance for corruption), admitted ownership of the hotel. According to him, a consortium of banks came together to grant him a loan to enable him acquire the gigantic hotel structure situated next to the President?s private residence at West Airport in Accra.

(see Chief Kufuor?s admission below)

The hotel was a pet project of one of the hardest working Lebanese Ghanaians in Ghana today, who wanted to make his contribution to hotel and tourism in Ghana. Anthony Saoud, one time timber magnate in Kumasi, decided to embark on this project of building a hotel after 30 years in the timber business. Saoud lived in his private house at the site of the hotel and Mr. J.A. Kufuor was his neighbour. But the moment JA Kufuor became President, the hawks around the President felt Mr. Kufuor was now in a position to acquire all the properties near his private residence (greed), particularly the magnificent hotel facility that Saoud, through toil and sweat, had put together, as his dream project. National Security considerations were first used to halt progress of work on the hotel. Then of course the banks, which were supporting Saoud, decided to call off their support. Saoud had no choice but to sell the property to minimize his cost.

The Kufuors then, using chief negotiator, Gizelle Yazji (mother of the twins, Phillip and John), approached poor Saoud and succeeded in forcing him to sell at almost half the price he had wanted to sell his dream hotel. Chief Kufuor in his press release of May 12, 2005(engineered by Charles Sam, a PR consultant), attempts to throw dust in Ghanaians? eyes by suggesting that the property was offered for sale to a number of Ghanaians and international investors without success. However, the question is, if the original owner, Saoud, is stopped from continuing the project because of national security considerations, who, apart from Mr. Kufuor himself or his family members or his friends will pay the whopping 7million dollars for the hotel.

Indeed, no one should believe first of all that the property belongs to Chief Kufuor; Gizelle Yazji (Mrs. Kufuor at large) will tell you it belongs to Mr. J.A. Kufuor but for obvious reasons, the President?s name could not be used as owner of the property.

Secondly, what funds came from Prudential and other banks to acquire the hotel? Chief Kufuor should stop lying through his teeth. Ghanaians are quite discerning. It?s obvious and a pity that J S Addo and others of Prudential and other banks are allowing themselves to be used as a cover up for this massive corruption.

NATIONAL DEMOCRAT would soon exposes where the funds came from for the purchase of the hot

Source: Democrat
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