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Church leaders must deploy scanners for security of members - Rev. Appiagyei

The Senior Pastor and General Overseer of the Trinity Baptist Church; Rev. Kingsley Appiagyei has made an appeal to church leaders to consider deploying scanners for the security of members of the church in wake of terror attacks on churches in the West African sub-region.

According to him, it's about time church leaders who have been thinking about their personal security to the neglect of the congregation now rethink their actions.

He said the members of the church are under attack; it has happened in Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast and Ghana being a Christian nation is likely to suffer same.

"The current threats and attacks on some churches, especially in neighbouring Burkina Faso, should serve as a wake-up call to the church leaders in Ghana to ensure tight security at their places of worship he emphasized.

The Reverend Minister of the Trinity Baptist Church, made this call in an exclusive interview with the media after the church’s leadership held a Breakfast Meeting with businessmen of the church to render annual account on the process on the construction of a five thousand capacity church building at the plush East Legon area near Ideal College.

He said the safety of church members had been taken for granted over the years and there was the need to reconsider the safety issues of members on the church premises.

It is in view of this, he explained that in England some church leaders have come together upon the request of the British government to make some available grants for them (church leaders) to acquire the scanners to screen members entering the church.

“With the current terrorist threats on churches in some West African countries including Ghana, church leaders must show much more concern about the security of their members by deploring safety facilities,” he said.

He suggested that churches whether small or big must come together and engage services of a security company for the provision of these scanners for the security of members.

He stated that churches must come together to engage security companies to provide them with scanners and pay later or in instalments.

He said the recent terrorists’ attacks on churches in Sri Lanka, Burkina Faso, and other places must set the security strategy agenda for churches in the country.

“While trusting the good Lord to provide his people with the security, we must also accept the responsibility of ensuring the physical security of members", he added.

"Over the years the approach remains a divine intervention but now human intervention is needed on the part of the church to ensure the total security of members,’’ he argued.

He said it is time for church leaders to ensure ushers and other workers, with assistance from government; are trained on some of the basic skills of security. Like the body language of strange people and how to move people to safety in case of such attacks.

He added that some of these terrorists are always with huge packs behind their backs and when church workers and securities are trained, they will be able to press the alarm button before the attackers strike.

He said the use of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) equipment and other security gadgets should be deployed on church premises, while attention is paid to sitting arrangements of new members and visitors with constant security checks.

“The impression that churches must take care of their own security under the recent terrorist threats must be done in collaboration with the state security agencies", he further suggested.

Rev. Appiagyei maintained that church leaders, members be protected from any form of attacks by the state security agencies.

On the recent incidence of kidnappings, he advised church workers to endeavour to release children in their custody after Sunday services to the parents or guardians.

He further explained that even though the phenomenon of kidnappings is new, the church will be able to live above reproach and not be an avenue for such unscrupulous acts if children are handed over to their parents right after church.

Source: checkoutghana.com
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