Coconut farmers advised to adopt good agricultural practices for profitable yields

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 Source: kumikasa.com

One cannot underestimate the uniqueness of coconut, and its ability to revitalize the human body from fatigue and replenish the circulatory system, however, its production stages have today received a gnashing rebuke from the Green Coast Group Consult (GCGC) who have taken the lead to improve the sector and its employees into this venture as a business.

In an interview with Krobea Asante Tofepa Ntomentwene, CEO of GCGC, Kwaku Boateng, revealed that most farmers in the country lack good agricultural practices in coconut production and that was affecting the industry greatly.

The practice is extremely worrying since it affects many who depend on coconut for the production of juice, oil, fresh water and others such as cosmetics, ear rings, fertiliser and wooden spoons.

He advised farmers who venture into the sector to acquire enough knowledge and technical know- how since not adopting good agricultural practices was responsible for the low production levels and inability to produce to meet international demand.

Mr Boateng mentioned that land selection, pruning, regular maintenance and weed control, fertiliser application and buying seedlings from untrusted sources is to be eschewed from farmers life.

He said that farmers who fail to keep weed under control will have grass cutters disturbing their plantations and therefore stressed the need to adhere to such practices.

He also encouraged farmers to use the right spacing of 25 -27ft to have good and quality yield.

Mr. Boateng said farmers can improve their skills in coconut farming by watching television programs and listening to agricultural radio talk shows.

He was quick to thank Angel Television, for their immense contributions towards the education of farmers on good agricultural practices in coconut farming through the programme “Akuafo Adamfo”.

He ascertained that farmers who adopt good practices are bound to harvest for profit however, those who tend to ignore such directives reap almost nothing after so many years, time and financial inputs.

“We have started an advocacy for change and hopeful farmers will help build a resilient coconut industry in the country” he added.

Mr. Boateng reiterated that farmers who are interested in the coconut industry can receive a lot of support from Green Coast as the outfit is constantly developing projects to employ many (especially the youth) in its value chain.

Source: kumikasa.com