Commotion in Ebusua Dwarfs changing room

Bash Hayford Ebusua Dwarfs coach, Bashiru Hayford

Fri, 12 Jan 2018 Source: footballmadeinghana.com

An uproarious move staged by players of Ebusua Dwarfs in their changing room at half time on Thursday in their G-8 game against Karela United nearly threatened to abruptly end the match.

Ebusua Dwarfs were hammered 4-0 by the newly promoted Ghana Premier League side. They conceded all the goals in the first half of the game.

Back in their changing room after the first 45 minutes, the players burst into accusations and counter-accusations with most of them removing their boots. They vowed not to return to the pitch for the second half.

Their coach, Bashir Hayford who disclosed told journalists that, his swift intervention averted what would’ve been a boycott, explaining that, he psyched the players for the second half.

“I went to the dressing room and I saw the players had removed their boots, quarrelling that old players are gone and because of that, the understanding and the telepathy is not there” narrated the coach.

“I told them I’m just coming in so if they think they want me, they should quickly put on their boots” said Bash. That intervention did some magic as the players put up an improved second half performance although they couldn’t reverse the 4-0 score line.

“Personally, I was surprised. I don’t know the reason why they did that. Moreover, the supporters who want my head can come for my whole body. I’m not yet in.

“I haven’t signed any contract with the club so if they said I have to make way for another person, I think they can do that fast” the outspoken Bashir Hayford stated.


Source: footballmadeinghana.com
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