Coronavirus may die naturally - Dr Nsiah-Asare

Nsiah Asare Presidential Advisor on Health, Dr. Anthony Nsiah-Asare

Wed, 8 Apr 2020 Source: peacefmonline.com

Former Director-General of the Ghana Health Service and Presidential Advisor on Health, Dr. Anthony Nsiah-Asare, has said that Coronavirus may die off naturally after three months.

He says like the life span of any other virus which bears the characteristics of flu, they naturally have a three month life span and they seem not to exist again after the period.

Speaking on Okay FM's 'Ade Akye Abia' programme, he explained that they are anticipating that the global community will be free in about three months time.

"However, we are only hoping that this type of virus does not change in any form again. If it continues to remain in its current state then we are sure of fighting it off within the next three months."

"We are pleading with Ghanaians not to be alarmed as the number keeps increasing," he said.

He urged Ghanaians to continually observe the daily hygiene protocols and safety measures put in place by the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service.

He assured that the Ghana Health Service is working vigorously with contact tracing to stop the virus from spreading further.

Ghana's Coronavirus cases have increased to 287

The 73 new cases which were recorded as of Monday, April 6, were discovered following measures for enhanced contact tracing and testing.

The Great Accra Region has the most cases numbering 256 followed by the Ashanti Region which has 18 cases. The Northern Region has 10 cases, while the Upper West Region Eastern Region and Upper East Region have a case each.

A total of 172 cases were reported from the routine and enhanced surveillance activities and those from travellers under mandatory quarantine in both Accra and Tamale are 115.

The period for mandatory quarantine for travellers who arrived 21-22 March 2020 has ended. In all, a total of 1,030 travellers were quarantined during the period

Out of these, 79 were positive during the initial testing whilst 951 were negative. Twenty-six (26) among those that were initially negative were found to have converted to be positive at the exit screening, bringing to a total of 105 among the travellers that were quarantined.

Source: peacefmonline.com
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