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Counselor Stellar Afriyie Ankrah shares insights on navigating marriage dynamics

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Wed, 2 Aug 2023 Source:

In an engaging discussion on the Moans & Cuddles platform, the topic of ‘Balancing individuality and togetherness in marriage’ took centre stage.

Hosted by Patricia Rockson Hammond, the conversation provided a profound exploration of the dynamics that come into play when two individuals join their lives in matrimony.

Counselor Stellar Afriyie Ankrah, an expert in relationship dynamics, shared insightful perspectives on the delicate dance between maintaining one's individuality while fostering a strong sense of togetherness within a marriage.

Counselor Ankrah emphasized the significance of acknowledging the journey of personal growth that leads to the point of marriage.

"We'd grown up for maybe 27 or 28 years before getting married. You've shaped your character, you've shaped your life to do things, and after 18 years, you're taking decisions on your own," she articulated.

Highlighting the years of independent decision-making before marriage, she noted that it's essential to remember the individuality that each partner brings into the union.

The counselor further delved into the intricacies of merging two lives, acknowledging the inherent challenges.

"So you formed yourself as a person who fell in love. So it's not easy. You will now have to think about the person you've married," she stated.

The transition from making decisions as an individual to making decisions as a couple requires careful consideration and effort.

Counselor Ankrah stressed the importance of foresight in preparing for marriage.

She encouraged prospective partners to thoroughly understand one another's values, dreams, and aspirations before entering matrimony.

"You should have also considered all those things before getting married to know that even though I am an individual in my marriage, I still have to consider the next person I am marrying," she emphasized.

The counselor underscored the necessity of making sacrifices and compromises to nurture a harmonious partnership.

"Make some sacrifices so that we can combine both to create a union," she advised.

The delicate balance between preserving one's identity and embracing the responsibilities of marriage is a continuous effort that requires open communication and mutual understanding.

Concluding her insights, Counselor Ankrah emphasized the attainability of harmonizing individuality and togetherness.

"So yes, it's difficult, but it's doable," she affirmed.


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