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Craze for Nana Addo's Kalypo means victory - Mustapha Hamid

Mustapha Hamid, Spokesperson to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, has stated that the craze for Kalypo, a locally manufactured refreshing drink after the former attorney general's photo taking a sip went viral- is a clear indication that, he [Nana Addo] is an icon for young people, and will win the 2016 polls.

He said, for the fact that a prominent politician like Nana Akufo Addo has endorsed a made-in-Ghana product, it should influence other key politicians and state figures to believe in the country and patronize goods made here, to boost the economy and create more opportunities for job creation.

Nana Addo he posited was only refreshing himself but little did he know that, his sip of the drink was an advertisement for the manufacturers of the product. Mustapha Hamid said, the craze for the product after the example by the presidential candidate is also not surprising.

Adding that, ''Nana Addo is an icon...And there is a clear indication that, Nana Akudo Ado is the obvious choice for electorates in the upcoming presidential election. Nana Addo will be the president of the Republic of Ghana and because of that, anything he does would be emulated by his admirers and followers especially the youth.'' The spokesperson for the candidate who is contesting for the NPP for the third time said, the good part of the craze is that, Kalypo is a made-in-Ghana product.

''Nana Addo believes in Ghana, he wants to create opportunity for Ghanaian businesses to thrive and that is how we want this country to be managed. We have to believe in our local products and that is how the country will develop...It is in line with Nana Addo's one district, 1 factory policy because, if we establish one factory in each district of the country, and citizens patronize their products, the economy will grow, and more jobs would be created.''

He added, perhaps it is a good start to test the one district, one factory policy. Nana Addo as president will promote made-in-Ghana goods because, he believes in Ghana.

I am extremely happy that Ghanaians are crazing for Kalypo after Nana Addo's sip...It is a clear message that, the youth are looking forward to Nana's victory.

He is the only hope they have, to deliver them from the hardship under this government.There is hopelessness, joblessness among the youth...They want to work, but the jobs are not available. Nana Addo is now the champion for the youth of Ghana and so whatever he does, the youth want to emulate him.

Per the percentage of youth in Ghana, and their support for Nana Addo, it should give you a clear signal that, Nana Addo is winning the election by the grace of God, he stressed.

Mustapha Hamid went on to advice the company to use the manifesto launch of the NPP slated for Sunday, October 9, 2016, to market the product, since they will make money out of it.

''If the company are good marketers, they will bring a truck load of the products to the Trade Centre on Sunday and I'm sure they will make a lot of money.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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