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Cut 10% raise for Article 71 officers - Group to Akufo-Addo

Akufo Addo President Elect Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Thu, 29 Dec 2016 Source:

The 10% raise for Article 71 office holders is “too high” and must be cut down by the Akufo-Addo government once it takes office, a group calling itself Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) has said.

Per the raise, President John Mahama will be receiving about GH¢7,000 (GH¢6,837 to be exact) more as salary as he leaves office following.

Mr Mahama, as president, is currently paid a non-taxable salary of GH¢15,972 but will be receiving GH¢ 22,809 per the raise.

As recommended by a report of Presidential Committee on Emoluments signed by Prof Dora Francisca Edua-Buandoh, Mr Mahama and his out-going government as well as the in-coming government will receive the raise from January 2017.

The raise takes retrospective effect from 2013. Below is the list of Article 71 office holders and their respective salaries per the 10% raise:

Vice President – GH¢ 20,529

Chief Justice – GH¢17,107

Speaker of Parliament – GH¢ 17,791

Cabinet Minister (MP) – GH¢16,423

Cabinet Minster (Non MP) – GH¢ 16,195

Minister of State (MP) – GH¢ 15,967

Minister of State (Non MP) – GH¢ 15,739

Regional Minister (MP) – GH¢ 15,967

Regional Minister (Non-MP) – GH¢15,511

Deputy Minster (MP) – GH¢ 14,826

Deputy Regional Minister (MP) – GH¢14,598

Deputy Minister (Non-MP) – GH¢ 14,369

Dep. Regional Minster (Non-MP) – GH¢ 142,142

Chairman, Council of State – GH¢ 14,826

Member, Council of State – GH¢ 13,685

However, ASEPA in a statement signed by Executive Secretary Mensah Thompson said the raise was made “based on the irregular emoluments structure that existed.

But based on the reasons given for an upwards review, and several other benefits accrued to these state officials, 10% is preferably too high.”

“Already the structure of the economy does not allow for extra incomes, the fiscal space is not open enough and almost half of annual revenue goes into servicing emoluments of public workers and state officials.

“This is a wrong path. Article 71 office holders can do without a pay rise for 10-15 years. And any extra income for these office holders means no job for a young graduate who cannot survive without an income. There are several other challenges in the economy and the standard of living among a lot of the public needs an upgrade. We, therefore, call on the next government to set up another committee to review the Prof Dora Adu-Buandoh committee recommendations downwards. The current government should also avoid backdating the implementation of the report to 2013. Our priorities as a country need to be set right; either we want to develop or satisfy a few full-bellies to the detriment of the masses.”

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