General News Fri, 15 Jan 1999

DCE expresses concern about poor enrolment in schools

Kokobriko (Ashanti), 15 Jan. '99 - Mr I. K. Nyame, the Bosomtwe-Atwima-Kwanwoma District Chief Executive, has expressed disappointment about the poor enrolment in schools in the district in spite of the huge funds spent by the Assembly in improving and developing facilities in the educational sector. He observed with dissatisfaction that even though the Assembly spends a greater percentage of its resources in the rehabilitation of schools and development of additional infrastructure for schools in the rural communities, parents have failed to respond positively to the numerous appeals to send their children to school. Mr Nyame, who was addressing a forum of Chiefs, members of unit committees and the people at Kokobriko last Thursday, said by their refusal to enrol their children in schools, parents were seeking to undermine the government's policy of education for all by the year 2005. The DCE cautioned such recalcitrant parents that they run the risk of being sanctioned since the Fourth Republican Constitution has provisions which provide for and also guarantee the right of every child to education and it behoves parents to respect them. Mr Nyame stressed that in view of the importance of children's education to development of the community, the District Assembly is considering the enactment of more drastic bye-laws to deal with parents, who deny their children the right to education. The DCE also directed the unit committees to complement efforts of the assembly and area councils at getting all children of school going age into schools by adopting measures at their local levels to solve the problem. Nana Poku Bosompim the Second, Ntaharahene of Kumasi, urged parents to give priority to their children's education and general welfare by sacrificing and diverting resources expended on less productive pursuits.


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