General News Fri, 27 Feb 2004

DCEs are "chopping" all the money

Ever since we started our intelligence compilation of newspaper allegations of corruption in August 2003, it has become obvious that the greatest looters of the state treasury and the biggest "choppers" of the peoples' monies in terms of the numbers involved are the NPP District Chief Executives (DCEs)

They are "chopping" the money "waa, waa, waa", without stopping to pinch themselves to remind themselves that they have sworn to resist temptation, and without being called by the President and his Office of Accountability to be advised to avoid falling victim to this ancient canker from the days of Adam, Eve, the serpent and the apple in the Garden of Eden.

The following compilation must make the President sit up and begin to ask himself whether his DCEs can stand up to the test of forensic audits that they subjected the NDC DCEs to, and whether his decision not to act on newspaper allegations of corruption is the best or the wisest.

It is clear that the scent of the NPP DCEs' corruption is everywhere, countrywide, covering the Greater Accra, Eastern, Volta, Northern, Brong Ahafo and Upper East Regions.


It will be recalled that since he came to office, President Kufuor has dismissed nine DCEs, including the Metropolitan Chief Executive for Accra, Mr. Solomon Ofei Darko, without assigning any reasons. The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development subsequently announced that four of them were to be redeployed. Nothing has been heard of their redeployment since.

Source: Palaver