General News Sun, 10 Nov 2002

Dagbon groups want collective rebuilding of Dagbon

The Dagbon Consultative Congress (DCC) in consultation with the Dagbon Youth Association (DAYA) in the Greater Accra, Eastern, Western and Volta regions on Sunday appealed to all Dagbambas to ignore their past utterances, disagreements and differences and rebuild Dagbon.

" We have decided to act now because we realise that Dagbon cannot rediscover itself and move forward so long as we continue to allow ourselves to be haunted by our utterances, particularly in recent past."

A statement issued in Accra was signed by Alhaji Muta-Wakil Hamdu, DCC Representative, Sheikh S.M.Sibidow, Managing Editor, Northern and National Monitor and all regional representatives of DAYA.

It urged Dagbambas to resolve and enter the Holy month of Ramadan Fast with determined commitment to work towards achieving peace and stability in the area, by restraining themselves, in spite of the pain and the incalculable loss of precious lives and property.

" Dagbon is forever! Our violent disagreements and differences are but passing clouds, which we should never be surprised to wake up one of these days to find that no one wants to identify with any Gate, because he or she would not like to be associated with any divisive or destructive culture or structure."

The statement said Dagon is their common heritage, common bondage and that was why they had no option but to embark on a pure, unadulterated internal Dagbon solution, devoid of any outside influences.


The statement however, appealed to the government to continue its search for the perpetrators and ensure that justice is done to deter future recurrence.

We also believe that, by opening its doors wider for more consultations with the people of Dagbon, government would in the near future, consider suspending the current state of emergency and curfew imposed on Dagbon as well as revise its thoughts on other matters relevant to the achievement of peace and stability in the area.

It said, all Dagbambas should be humble enough to accept collective guilt for failing to act to prevent March 25-27 2002 deteriorating security situation in Yendi and bear the cost of both the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Gewaa Palace.

Meanwhile, the congress also discouraged the use of sings and drums to perpetuate the sad events as that tend to offend the custom, culture and tradition in this darkest period of the history of Dagbon.

They also expressed their confidence and trust in the Nayiri, the Yogun Wura and the Asantehene who are working for a lasting solution to the crisis.