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Dear GhanaWeb: I'm scared of getting married

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Fri, 15 Sep 2023 Source:

Dear GhanaWeb,

I am a 35-year-old woman and self-employed. I own three hair shops in the Greater Accra Region and two in the Volta Region.

I must say that God has been good to me because I am living my dream life.

I am single and I know people will be wondering why at my age and wealth, I am not married but single. Well, the issue is that I am afraid of commitment.

A lot of men are ready to take me to the altar and I wish to get married and have children but looking at how most marriages are failing these days; I do not think I am ready to take that path.

I have seen several couples who began their marriages on a good note but as a result of minor issues, they end up divorcing.

I have also witnessed marriages that do not collapse, but the way some men do not take care of their wives and children, and also cheat on their wives scares me the most.

As of now, the only decision I want to take is to find someone I will have children with.

We will both take care of the children but there will be no commitment.

Do you think that is the right decision to take?

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