General News Tue, 31 Oct 2000

Death Toll in Rawlings' Accident Climbs to Five

Two more people have died from Sunday's fatal road accident involving the Ghanaian President Jerry Rawlings on a high-speed motorway, hospital sources said Monday.

This brings to five, the death toll from the multiple crash in which three people had earlier lost their lives, when a mini- bus entered the motorway through an unapproved road.

Two vehicles crashed while the vehicle behind the president's jaguar car, which he was driving himself, crashed into his rear. Rawlings and his wife were reportedly treated for minor injuries.

The driver of the mini-bus has fled and a manhunt is underway to arrest him.


The accident has again raised the key issues of development of residential estates along the stretch and reckless driving.

About two dozen illegal entry points have sprung up on the motorway as occupants of residential estates along the road try to reach or leave their homes.

The Minister of roads and transport, Steve Akorlie, said all the illegal entry points would be sealed off immediately and an 18-km road built to link the estates along the motorway to a safe entry point into the city.

Source: Panafrican News Agency