General News Mon, 26 Apr 1999

Defective headlights, disregard for signs major cause of accidents - official

Accra (Greater Accra), 26th April ?99 -

 Driving with defective headlights, refusal to respond to dim signals, drunkenness, and total disregard for traffic signs and regulations have been identified as the major causes of motor accidents.

Mr Aikins Agamah, Welfare Officer of the Accra-Ho branch of the Ghana Private Roads and Transport Union (GPRTU), said over the weekend.

He has, therefore, advised drivers to check every gadget on their vehicles to ensure that they are in order before getting on the road.


"It is wrong to drive vehicles with one headlight or move with defective gears because they can easily result in accidents," he warned.

Mr Agamah urged drivers not to allow the zeal to get rich quick tempt them to make several trips in a day since leads to over-speeding which could easily result in fatal crashes on the road.

"Passengers should also desist from asking drivers to speed up so they can reach destinations as quickly as. Even when they do, disregard them because you are the driver and you are in control," he said.

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