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Dismissed judge in Anas’ judicial corruption exposé now uses trotro

About 22 lower court judges and 12 High Court judges indicted in the September 2015 Anas’ judicial corruption exposé were dismissed by the state.

They were captured on video allegedly receiving bribes from persons seeking justice to perverse judgement on their cases.

According to Lawyer John Kumah, one of the judges caught in the expose on judicial corruption now uses commercial vehicle popularly known as ‘trotro’ to do his rounds because the state has seized his vehicle from him.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw a high court judge I revered so well boarding a trotro…he was denied his entitlements as well,” John Kumah claimed on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo on Tuesday.

According to Kennedy Agyapong, the judges who were indicted should be reinstated since the investigative journalist set them up to take bribes claiming Anas sets up people with the aim to destroy their reputation.

“I call on President Akufo-Addo to reinstate all the judges because the guy [Anas] enticed them. He used two boys, Ahmed and Rahman, to set the judges up. If you set people up, it is not investigative journalism … and I’ll prove to the whole Ghana that the boy is so corrupt and wicked, evil from the things he has done, bringing institutions that have been built over the years, down for him to be rich.”

“From what I’ve seen and what I know, I’m going to show the pictures…” he said.

John Kumah believes the time is up for Ghanaians to consider the opinions of Ken Agyapong.

“We should also start thinking about what Ken is saying because some of the judges were set up…there is the need to put everything into context before arriving at a conclusion because some of the judges went home with nothing…,” he said in Twi.

Source: ghpage.com
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