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A Plus Slekf Kwame A Plus

Sat, 28 Dec 2019 Source: classfmonline.com

Dogs in some parts of the world receive better healthcare than most Ghanaians, Kwame A Plus has said, insisting that the funds allotted by the government of President Nana Akufo-Addo and the New Patriotic Party for the provision of bulletproof curtains for MPs in Parliament as well as the compilation of a new voter roll by the Electoral Commission, must be rather be channelled into improving healthcare for Ghanaians.

According to him, had these decisions been taken under the Mahama administration of the National Democratic Congress, hell would have broken loose within the quarters of the clergy and civil society organisations.

“The loud-mouth Ghanaians only wake up when NDC is in power. From the Clergy to civil society organisations to traditional rulers etc. Only a few see what was wrong under NDC as wrong under NPP.

“I can imagine what would have happened if parliament proposed to buy bulletproof curtains under John Mahama. I can imagine what would have happened if NDC decided to spend four hundred and forty-three million Ghana cedis (443.000.000.00) on a new voters register in a country like Ghana where fortunate women give birth on bare floors in dilapidated clinics while the unfortunate ones never receive ante-natal [care] and give birth at home under inhumane conditions in an era where animals have modern maternity facilities.

“Dogs receive better healthcare in some countries than human beings in many parts of Ghana. It is a fact”, A Plus wrote on social media.

He continued: “Every day, you hear them [government officials] saying: ‘We don't have money’, ‘John Mahama stole all the money’, ‘He borrowed so much to build infrastructure and we have to pay’. Yet, they had over sixty million Ghana cedis, about twelve million dollars to spend on presidential travels in 9 months and spent close to four million Ghana cedis on refreshments aka chilling.

“You want bulletproof curtains whilst those who voted for you do not have roads. You want bulletproof curtains whilst those who campaigned for you to become MPs don't have clinics. You want bulletproof curtains whilst those who stood in the scorching sun to vote for you to become MPs drink from the same pond with animals. You have approved a new register whilst privileged schools do not have any organised syllabus and underprivileged ones are under trees.

“If you are honest, if you are principled, if you are a Christian or Muslim who believes in fairness as the Bible and Quran teach, you must see what was wrong yesterday as wrong today. We don't need a new register and bulletproof curtains. Those are misplaced priorities. We need that money to fix this country.

“They think they are smart. They brought both at the same time to confuse us – so that we won't know which one to resist first. Our eyes are wide open. Those of you sleeping must wake up now!”, he added.

Source: classfmonline.com
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