Crime & Punishment Sat, 4 Jun 2005

Dr. Beckley In Passport ?Row?

Ms. Olive Beckley, the daughter of Dr. Yogi Ram ?Beckley, a well-known occultist in the country has threatened a court action against the government of Ghana and the Ghana Immigration Service for refusing her father a passport to allow him to travel to India.

Speaking to the Chronicle in Accra yesterday, She said an officer of the service, Mr. Morgan Torsu, had refused to issue her father a passport on three occasions because he was believed to be an occultist and an alleged killer, although he had been cleared by a competent court of judicature.


According to her, whenever she went to the immigration office to find out the results of the request for a passport, the officer only gave her flimsy excuses for which she could no longer bear. Olive Beckley however insisted that her father is a Ghanaian and thus he is entitled to a passport by right, adding that ?he is a medical officer and not a criminal'.

Olive Beckley who is an occultist herself pleaded with President Kufuor to come to the aid of his father as he was supposed to be in India last year.

Source: Chronicle