EC disrespected us, dumped our letter at security post - APC

Tue, 11 Oct 2016 Source: ultimatefmonline.com

The General Secretary of All People’s Party (APC) Razak Opoku has lashed out at the Electoral Commission (EC) for dumping the disqualification letter of their presidential nominee, Dr Hassan Ayariga at the Commission’s office in Accra.

According to him, all the disqualified presidential candidates’ letters were dumped at the security post, describing it as ‘gross disrespect’ to the candidates.

He believes the Commission should have assigned one of its officials to deliver the letters to them or kept the letters in one of its departments for collection.

Mr.Opoku said it’s a deliberate tactics by the EC to sabotage the APC from participating in 2016 elections.

‘As at 7: 30pm that I went to the EC office to pick our letter, I realised that the EC had packed the disqualified presidential nominees letters at its security post, which is a gross disrespect to us.

For proper administrative purposes, the EC should have added the booklet/form to our letter so that we can cross check, they refused to state the names of the subscribers who signed for us and did same for other parties, how do expect us to go about it, is it a caricature to disqualify Ayariga,’ he asked.

Speaking on Abusua FM’s Abusua Nkommo hosted by Kwame Adinkrah, Mr. Opoku questioned why information used in registering the party would be used against their presidential candidate.

He further wondered if the EC is bent on bringing Ayariga’s name into public ridicule by telling the public he has identity problems and wrote otherwise to them.

‘How do you base your argument on information Hassan Ayariga used in registering the party? Is Charlotte Osei better than Dr. Afari Gyan who has been conducting elections over the years, why disqualify him based on information he used in registering the party and provided same information on the EC forms? You are saying he has identity problem, meanwhile the letter you gave to us you did not state identity problem. Is it for us to say you want to bring his name into public ridicule, she should have also stated this in the letter she addressed to us, so what is the EC talking about,’ he asked.

Mr. Ayariga and twelve others were on Monday disqualified by the EC for failing to meet the needed requirements.

But an incensed Presidential nominee of APC is quoted to have used unprintable words on the EC Chairperson Madam Charlotte Osei.

Source: ultimatefmonline.com
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