Press Review Sun, 24 Jun 2007

EDITORIAL: What's Up Ghana @ 50?

In less than a couple of weeks on July 1 2007, our 47th anniversary of becoming a republic would be upon us. By some propitious coincidence, we would also be hosting an African Union Summit - something we last did some 4 decades ago.

Two big events requiring much excitement and yet all is quiet on the nationalism front.

Because this particular Republic Day falls in the Independence Jubilee Year, it also by association becomes a significant day and must be observed with more than the usual quiet public holiday. Tying it up with the AU Summit provides the perfect platform for some serious social animation - that is, getting the people involved.


We do not want to believe that Ghana@50 ended on March 6 2007. So who is (are) in charge of these things?

There is the Ghana@50 Secretariat, there is the Ministry of Information and National Orientation and numerous other MDAs; are they telling us that between them they cannot come up with anything to excite us and give us a feeling of belonging?

Source: Accra Mail