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Elect a Christian leader who embodies Christ-like qualities - Alan Kyerematen

Alan Kyerematen Sf Founder of Movement for Change, Alan Kyerematen

Tue, 2 Apr 2024 Source:

On Resurrection Sunday, amidst celebrations of victory over death, Alan Kyerematen, the founder of Movement for Change and independent presidential hopeful for the 2024 general elections, delivered a fervent message at the Dr Watt Assembly of the Pentecost Church, calling for a leader akin to Christ's characteristics to lead Ghana forward.

Addressing the congregation, Mr Kyeremanten emphasised the importance of electing a Christian leader, who embodies Christ-like qualities, to steer the nation towards transformation.

Commending the Church of Pentecost for its significant contribution to Ghana as the largest church in the country, Mr Kyerematen rallied the faithful, urging them to utilise their collective influence to determine the nation's next leader.

Stressing that leadership transcends party affiliations, he positioned himself as a transformative candidate, promising a leadership reminiscent of Christ's assurance to sinners of paradise.

In his impassioned address, Mr Kyerematen spoke to the heart of the Christian community, acknowledging the trials many have faced and invoking the hope brought forth by Christ's resurrection.

With over 70% of the population identifying as Christians, Mr Kyerematen underscored the nation's responsibility to elect a leader who would inspire hope and usher in positive change.

Drawing from biblical prophecy, particularly Ezekiel's vision of God establishing His kingdom on earth, Mr Kyerematen invoked divine guidance in the electoral process.

He implored the faithful to pray for a leader after God's own heart, emphasizing the need for integrity, honesty, and servant leadership.

The former Minister of Trade and Industry concluded his message with a call to prayer, urging the congregation to support him if they believed he was the chosen instrument for Ghana's transformation.