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Ellembelle Education Director warns double track students against drugs

The Ellembelle District Director for Education, Peter Ackah Blay Kwasi, has warned double track vacation students in the district against drugs.

According to him, drug abuse has the tendency of destroying the potential of brilliant students who could have become achievers and responsible adults to contribute to national development.

He gave the warning on Wednesday 30th January 2019 when he addressed the double track students currently going through free vacation classes in Ellembelle been organized by the Member of Parliament for the area, Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah.

According to the District Education Director, many innocent students often fall prey to drugs when they associate wrongly and ignorantly with drug users who are hiding in secret Ghethos.

"Some people can entice you to the Ghethos, therefore, be careful with your associations", he warned.

Aside from growing phenomenon of drugs destroying the education of Ghanaian children, he said authorities have also realized that unwanted pregnancies are being recorded by innocent girls under bizarre circumstances during vacations.

"Some of you during your vacation will forget about your books, and engage in illicit activities causing unwanted pregnancies. This has the potential to destroy your education", he added.

He said beneficiary students currently going through the vacation classes must count themselves lucky due to the cost being incurred by the MP just to protect their future.

"We (referring to his year group ) used to work during such long vacations to earn something in terms of income to support our education. Therefore, allow stakeholders to waste money for nothing. I am saying that you people are very fortunate", he advised.

Peter Ackah Blay Kwasi, again motivated the students to take advantage of their stay in an academic environment to learn, socialize, exchange ideas, and make good friends against the future.

"Once you are here, you are networking, you can make friends, you are building a family", he counselled.

The educationist said, the education being offered by the lawmaker was simply to upgrade their knowledge, offer them wisdom and understanding as to how to connect with society responsibly.

He particularly advised the participating girls going through the vacation classes to endeavour to add value to themselves through quality education. Doing so, he noted, will offer them attractive, quality husbands and guarantee peaceful, fruitful and productive marriage life.

In line with the principles underpinning character development, he said the outcome of the vacation classes been supervised by quality tutors, and the guidance offered by managers of the social fortune, it could determine the positive future outlook of all the beneficiary students.

Therefore, he reiterated that they (students) must not forget what the lawmaker has done to secure their future for them "When you say a prayer, say one for the MP. Pray for your parents and teachers as well" the Education Director concluded.

Source: Daniel Kaku
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