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Emmanuel Geraldo: Meet the 28-year-old Ghanaian who built a car from scratch

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Sat, 25 Mar 2023 Source:

The creative traits of Ghanaians in the automobile industry are epitomised by the many inventions of Apostle Kwadwo Safo alias Kantanka,

Apostle Kwadwo Safo through his various inventions has, maybe, indirectly inspired a generation of Ghanaian automobile creatives who are channelling their inner talents to assemble cars locally.

One such person who has been inspired to do great things is Emmanuel Geraldo who has built his own car.

The 28-year-old motor mechanic is not someone you can describe as hailing from a rich home but the challenges could not stop him.

At a very tender age, Geraldo had an undying love for tools and appliances and switched things up when he left school at the JHS level.

Of course, he would have loved to reach the apex of the education ladder but a lack of resources meant that he had to abandon the education dream and focus on something that will fetch him money to take of himself and his family.

So how did it all start for Geraldo? It all began when the scooter on which he rode to school developed a seemingly unresolvable fault.

After periods of visiting the mechanic and spending some decent money on repairing the scooter, Emmanuel became fed up, took a keen interest in the repairs and decided to repair it himself.

From there, a mechanic career kicked off. He began repairing scooters, motorbikes, cars and other automobile machines.

His inquisitiveness and desire to help society made him embark on a mission to create a modern movable automobile.

Watch his story in the video below: