General News Sun, 13 May 2018

Enforce teaching in Akan education - Government told

Chief for Atwima Kwanwoma Nana Amponsa-Kwaa IV has appealed to the government through the Ministry of Education to consider setting in motion policies that will ensure that Akan language (Twi) is strictly used by teachers as the communication channel in the teaching of students in the country.

From the basic stage through to the Junior high school level, Nana Amponsa opined that teaching in Twi should be made mandatory within both the private and public institutions.

According to him, the application of this system in question will put great value on our indigenous languages as done by a good number of countries and will make learning easy for students since their understanding of topics thought will be sped up.

Speaking to him in an exclusive interview with the thepressradio.com, the renowned chief for Atwima Kwanwoma lamented over why the leadership has until now dragged their feet in the execution of measures in connection with the foregoing to effect a change despite numerous calls.

Nana Amponsa was deeply saddened by the current state of affairs, underscoring that majority of tertiary students due to their strong addiction to the speaking of the Queens language are highly weak in the speaking of the local language of their birth.


English language which according to him is a borrowed dialect has subdued the local languages in every affair of the nation's academics, describing it as a great shame to the country.

"Per the status-quo it appears that one who speaks in Twi or any local language is considered an illiterate which is wrong, so much so that the dominance English play over Akan language has negatively affected the fluency of many Ghanaians in the speaking of their local dialect" he noted.

He bold questioned that "why should we live in our own country and allow school authorities to put prohibitions on the speaking of Twi language or any local dialect on school premises when English is an alien dialect?"

Nana Amponsa challenged the Ministry of Education to sit up and encourage teaching in Akan language so as to help save the situation.

Source: Enock Akonnor