Crime & Punishment Sun, 18 Jun 2006

Ex-convict sentenced to six years imprisonment

Juaso-Ashanti, June 18, GNA - A Juaso Circuit court has sentenced an ex-convict to six years imprisonment in hard labour after escaping from jail two months after being convicted for stealing two rams. In September last year, Ibrahim Baba was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment by the court for a similar offence but escaped from prison after serving seven months of his jail term.

He pleaded not guilty to three counts of stealing, threat of death and deceit of public officers.

Police Chief Inspector K.I. Mahama, prosecuting told the court presided over by Mr Justice Jacob Boon that on April 23, this year, at dawn a taxi driver driving towards Konongo stopped at Juaso Junction to pick Baba who had a luggage in a fertilizer bag.

He said when the driver enquired about the contents of the bag, Baba told him it contained plantain but the driver, however, realized it contained a soft object when he touched it.

The prosecution said the driver who became suspicious, questioned Baba who claimed it was a grasscutter and he was sending it to his brother at Konongo.


He said the driver then raised the alarm that attracted two other people to the scene but Baba pulled a knife from his pocket and threatened to stab anyone who tried to arrest him and fled into a nearby bush leaving the bag behind.

Police Chief Inspector Mahama, said when the bag was opened it contained two slaughtered rams, which were handed over to the Juaso police.

He said later during the day, the taxi driver spotted Baba at Yawkwei near Juaso when returning from Konongo and reported to the police who arrested him.

Police Chief Inspector Mahama, said Baba upon his arrest gave his name as Adam Musah in an attempt to hide his identity as an escapee but later confessed after interrogation.

Source: GNA