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Expect something new from Nsoatreman this season – General Manager

Nsoatreman Win 610x400 Nsoatreman FC

Wed, 27 Sep 2023 Source:

Nsoatreman general manager Eric Alagidede has promised the club will offer something new this season from what they did last season.

He is saying the team has improved and will pick more points in their travels than they did last season.

Alagidede is citing the changes the club has made in the off-season as some of the reasons the club will do well.

“This is a different Nsoatreman team from the one that played last season. This team lost three nil against Bechem United last season and we drew 1-1 in Nsoatre, and in our opening fixture it was against Bechem United and we won 2-0,” he told the GFA.

“For me, it is different team, different technical direction, different set of players and all that. So it is not going to be what you saw last season.

“We are building up and it’s just the second game, we will pick a lot of away points this season. Trust me.”

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