Extend 1D1F to cover footwear manufacturing - ASSI

ASSI Logo ASSI is asking that footwear manufacturing should be part of One District, One Factory

Sat, 28 Apr 2018 Source: ghananewsagency.org

The Association for Small-Scale Industries (ASSI) has called for the government to extend its ‘One District, One Factory’ policy to cover footwear manufacturing.

Mr. Kwame Buor, Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Association, said this was necessary to give a lifeline to the troubled – collapsing Ghanaian footwear manufacturing industry.

There was an urgent need to inject funds into the sector to revive it.

This was one sector engaging more people - creating jobs for in excess of 40, 000 along the manufacturing value chain.

Mr. Buor made the call when he spoke with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), on the sidelines of an emergency executive meeting of the Footwear Manufacturers Association of ASSI.

He suggested the creation of an enclave for footwear manufacturers, adding that, “it is about time, the nation brings together and streamline activities of footwear manufacturers to grow the industry”.

The ASSI Chairman complained about what he said was the neglect of the industry, particularly, by the Trade and Industry Ministry, which had led to its decline and flooding of the market with inferior Chinese products.

The Association had decided to introduce a logo to differentiate local footwear products from imported ones, to sustain the businesses and livelihood of local manufacturers.

Agya Kwabena Oppong, an executive member of the Footwear Manufacturers Association, said things were not looking good and that their businesses were folding up.

The industry was not any longer profitable and many were being forced to look elsewhere.

Nana Addo Kuffour has been in the business for 40 years and said given the needed support they could break into the international market.

Source: ghananewsagency.org
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