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Eyes on the Ground: Kaneshie deserted as traders record low prices

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Wed, 1 Apr 2020 Source:

The Kaneshie market appears desolate after the president’s call for a partial lockdown of some parts of the country.

The Kaneshie-Kasoa road which is noted to be filled with traffic on a daily basis, was empty when GhanaWeb’s news team visited the market Tuesday morning.

Long distance buses which would be busy loading on a normal day, were seen turning away potential passengers in adherence to the president’s directive for vehicles not to move to and from the lockdown areas.

Inside the market, many shops had been closed and for the few that were opened, business was visibly slow as some of the women were spotted sleeping behind their produce.

They told the news team that they haven’t made enough sales for the day as many people seem to have already stocked up their kitchens with enough foodstuffs to last the two weeks lockdown.

Vida Quartey said “people are afraid to come out because of the lockdown so the market has been very quiet today. Some have already stocked up their kitchens, so they are not coming to town to get anything. We came to sell because we were told we can do that, but we are not selling much.”

Another trader added that they’ve increased the prices of the foodstuffs because the people they buy from have increased their prices.

“The price of the palm fruits has increased at where we buy it from so, we have also increased our prices so we can make a little profit. A cup which used to sell at GH¢8 now sells at GH¢15.”

A mobile money vendor stationed at the market told the news team that he came to work after receiving several calls from people they need money since some ATMs were not working but business hasn’t been encouraging.

“Business is not as good as it used to be, but if the lockdown is the best way to protect the country then that is good. People called me to say they needed money but since I came business has been very slow.”

Ghana, on Tuesday 31st March 2020 recorded new cases of the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the country’s numbers to a total of 195.

This figure, according to the Ghana Health Service, includes some 3 recoveries and 5 deaths. 49 others have been discharged and being monitored from home.

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