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Fadda Dickson rejected my return to Despite Media because of disloyalty – Andy Dosty

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Mon, 11 Sep 2023 Source:

After leaving Despite Media to spend five years with Angel FM, radio show host Andy Dosty has revealed that his return to the media conglomerate owned by business magnate, Dr Osei Kwame Despite was rejected.

During a conversation on the latest episode of The Delay Show, which aired on Saturday, September 9, 2023, Andy Dosty revealed that while the owner of the company initially accepted the idea of his return, the final decision was in the hands of Managing Director, Fadda Dickson.

“I wanted to go back to Despite, but they said no… Their policy is that when you leave, you can’t come back,” Andy Dosty explained.

He continued, "In fact, I went there to apologize. I met Mr. Despite at an event, and he warmly welcomed me, inviting me to return when I was available. However, when I made my visit, the situation had changed. I distinctly remember what Fadda Dickson told me: 'You are good, and we need someone like you, but you were not loyal,'” he narrated.

According to Andy Dosty, this experience served as a valuable lesson in loyalty.

“ thoughts were childish because, at the time when I was leaving, Mr. Despite had plans to offer me double the compensation I was receiving from Dr. Kwaku Oteng of Angel Group of Companies. Despite tried his best to retain me," Andy Dosty reflected.

“The sad part is, of all the employees working with Despite, I was the closest to him,” he added, expressing regret over betraying the owner of the Despite Media Group.


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