General News Tue, 12 May 2009

Fierce Battle In NPP

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) is seriously considering proposals that instead of electing its entire National Executive officers, only the National Chairman should be elected while the rest are appointed. Already, the proposal has generated a fierce debate in the party hierarchy and is expected to generate more furore among the rank and file. Furthermore, it has to be adopted by the party’s National Conference before it becomes applicable.

Should the proposal be adopted, the appointment of other officers would be done by the National Executive Council and would be based on the qualities of competence, dedication and loyalty.

Party sources told Daily Guide that the idea to elect only the National Chairman is to prevent the concealed but often contentious and cohesive factions that have hitherto emerged within the National Executive after almost every election of its national officers. “During such elections, you find the candidates campaigning in groups. The candidate for National Chairman has a group of candidates he would want to work with and the National Organiser also has a particular candidate he would want to become the General Secretary and from experience, it has not been completely easy getting the officers united after elections.


We may pretend but the issue is real.

“We have a constitution that says the National Chairman is the leader of the party but the General Secretary is the Chief Executive of the party and both of them are elected into office and there have been times when it has created problems within the leadership...we may pretend this is not happening but we would have ourselves to blame,” party deep-throats noted.

The suggestion is reportedly being opposed by a section of party big-wigs who argue that the idea contradicts the party’s belief in internal democracy and competitive elections. Critics of the proposal claim that whether the national officers are appointed or elected, they may still decide to disagree among themselves if they really want to. Another proposal on the issue of the party leadership is for all national officers to have a minimum of two deputies.

Source: Daily Guide