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Finally an answer to Otabil’s fufu concern

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In his recent sermon at the 34th anniversary service of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensa Otabil wondered why Ghanaians still pound fufu the centuries-old way and was amazed that no innovative and hygienic technology has been invented to make preparation of the local delicacy less cumbersome.

“I don’t want an African past, I want an African future. I don’t want to imitate what Yaa Asantewaa did, I want to create something new for myself and my generation. So, if at this time we are still pounding fufu the same way Yaa Asantewaa pounded it – I grant you your right to eat your fufu, no matter the calories, but should you prepare it the same way it was prepared by your ancestors? Can’t you do it differently? Can’t we look at our lives and say we are going to create something new, and how do we become an aspirational people: a people who are always looking forward to better, we are looking for greater, we are looking for bigger, we are looking for more, how do we become that person? So that we don’t look around and say: ‘Well this is our life, this is where we are, it’s okay.

“Unfortunately, most Africans talk about going back to Africa, going back to our roots, I wonder: why do you always say going back to our roots, why don’t we go for the fruits? The root is down, the fruit is up. We think being African is imitating the lifestyle of some people who lived 300 years ago. Imitating them is not being African, because if I want to become an authentic African, I don’t become an African by looking backwards, I become an African by looking forward. I have to interpret my vision, my purpose, my assignment, in Christ, to whom He has made me an African,” he said.


Coincidentally, a fufu-pounding machine developed to make it less stressful preparing the meal, has been invented. ClassFMonline.com saw the invention being circulated on social media. It is not yet clear who the inventor is.

Source: classfmonline.com